Count Down to Spring….

7 Mar

Daylight saving times is near and you know what means? We are one step closer to spring!!! Now I hope you ladies have been keeping up with your manicure’s and pedicure’s because it is almost time to have fun in the sun. With that being said you should be starting to buy some of your Spring/Summer stuff now. Let’s remember lovely’s Fashion works ahead and there is already shorts and tank tops on the shelves… But if you need some shoe inspiration let me assist you with some hot sandals you are sure to enjoy!!!



Soft and dainty... ASOS Flower


Tribal Embroidery.. Dolce Vita Edda


Bedazzled.. Juicy Couture Hermosa


Electric Blue... Diesel


Oro Negro... Miss KG Kashmir

One Response to “Count Down to Spring….”

  1. Hershey March 7, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    Ooooo I can’t wait to let my feet loose from this winter boot hibernation.

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