Embracing My Curves…

13 Feb

In the world of fashion there is very few designers who shake the industry upside down. I mean completely turn it on its head. Well Monif C is such a designer.  Monif C  caters to plus-size women in a way that is nothing short of fabulous. I have seen many clothing lines that try to design for a plus size market but they have nothing on Monif C….. Monif has captured fashion, style and elegance in every piece she  creates. I had the pleasure of interviewing Monif C and finding out  what makes her tick  and  all the inspiration behind her designs.


1) Who is Monif C and how was it established?

Monif C. is a contemporary lifestyle brand that was established for the
purpose of giving plus size women fashion forward and luxurious

2) What made you cater to a “plus size” audience…? (Sorry but I hate
the term plus-size)

The reason we cater to plus size women is because I am catering to
myself. I am a plus size woman and my mother and I started this company
5 years ago because we were frustrated with not being able to find
stylish, contemporary clothing.

3) I love your convertible dress I think it is chic… Smart and
fashionable… What made you come about designing and patenting the
design for your company?

The idea behind the Convertible Dress is based on vintage multi-purpose
dresses as well as obis, sarees, and togas. I figured if anyone needs a
universally flattering dress like the “Marilyn” Convertible Dress it is
plus size women.

4) I noticed on your site you show different ways to wear the dress does
it come with a style guide? So the consumer can learn how to create the
styles you have showcased?

The “Marilyn” does not come with a diagram on how to tie the dress, I
have found that is not the best way to learn how to wrap the dress. We
have 6 videos on our website that are linked to our youtube channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/monifc. These videos give step by step
instructions for most of the styles.

5) What is Monif C overall goal for your company?

The overall goal of Monif C. is to create a brand and lifestyle that
inspires and empowers plus size women and provides clothing and soon
other products that cater to our sexy, confident customers.

6) What word will you use to describe Monif C…? 
The word I would use to describe Monif C is “innovative”. We are doing
things that have never been done in the plus size market ever before.

7) With all the health scares a lot of women have taken to a healthier
lifestyle by losing weight. Celebrates like Jennifer Hudson and Tocarra
who were known for their voluptuous curves have shed the pounds… What
are your opinions on this? Do you feel it is a healthy message that is
being sent? Why and Why not.

I am a big fan of being healthy no matter what size you are. I think
it’s a personal choice for each person to decide how they want to live
their life. I take my life and health into my own hands so it doesn’t
bother me at all nor does it send me any “message”. I am happy though
that we are seeing more diverse body types and I think we need to see
more women of all shapes and sizes. There is not ONE right way to
“look”, beautiful women can be 130 pounds or 300 pounds. There are many
plus size women that are very healthy, they workout, eat right, and I
don’t believe you have to be a size 6 to be healthy. I believe no
matter your weight, you should first love yourself and you will decide
what is healthy and normal for your body and nourish your body how you
see fit.

8)  Who is Monif C dream client (if you haven’t already dressed her).

My DREAM client would be Oprah. HANDS DOWN! She is such a beautiful
dynamic woman with a gorgeous figure and personality and she’d look
amazing in Monif C.

9) Now I looked at your site and you have a St. Tropez bathing suit that
is to die for!!!! Unfortunately you don’t make my size… As a company
do you see yourselves branching off into other markets and sizes or are
you primarily Plus Size.

As Monif C. continues to expand, we will certainly diversify our product
offerings. I do believe strongly that our brand is a voice for the plus
size woman and I am committed to keeping that focus.

4 Responses to “Embracing My Curves…”

  1. Trish February 14, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    I truly loved this interview and Monif C work. Great job Studded!

  2. Ki February 14, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Yes I loved it as well! Her designs are beautiful:)

  3. Shelly March 14, 2011 at 3:09 am #

    Chantel, I was finally able to sit and read the article…nice job!! It was a great debut for you both!!

    P.S. I love love love love the Marilyn dress….especially in red (my favorite color) *Wink*

    • simplystudded March 14, 2011 at 4:55 am #

      Thanks Shelly… And I agree that Marilyn Dress has your name all on it!!!!!

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