Fade to Black…

9 Jan

So I had to do an article for my fellas since the males always get the short end of the stick… It is equally important for a man to look good.  No woman wants to be with a man who does not take heed to grooming themselves.  There is certain staples men and woman should have in their closest’s. For women it is LBD (Little Black Dress) and for men it is BLJ ( Black Leather jacket). 

There is something so simple and sophisticated about the right black leather jacket. It can give the look of a bad boy, mystery man or dapper gentleman; all depending on how you wear the jacket. It should accentuate your natural body frame and complement your body type.  The jacket shouldn’t be too tight where it looks uncomfortable nor should it be too baggy where it looks loose. I would also say try different styles of jackets. Everything is not for everybody! The leather motorcycle jacket is real popular right now however it is not appealing for every guy!  But there is no need to fret my dear boys. I have included some pictures of some leading men rocking their leather’s the right way… If you ask me I like to see you in a crisp tee-shirt, nice denim jeans and a fitted black leather jacket. But that’s me and what I like….. Now you have to find out what works for you. I am here if you need me just shoot your girl a message…



Bruno Mars




Trey Songz


David Beckham


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