Monkey Business

7 Jan


Nigo founder of BAPE

 Bathing Ape opened it’s doors in Beijing China.  Nigo the creative designer and founder of BAPE  began the company back in 1993. BAPE become real popular in the Hip Hop culture after rapper Pharrell introduced everyone to the Milo hoodie back in 2006.  After that BAPE became very popular throughout Hip Hop culture. Pharrell and Nigo partner up to create BBC (Billionaires Boy Club) and Ice Cream.

Nigo has manged to keep Bathing Ape relevant  with stores in London, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore.  It will be interesting to see how the Chinese market responds to BAPE considering they are known for having high demand for luxury items. BAPE has more of an influence in street culture. The designs are hoodies, jeans, tee-shirts and sneakers with original art work which usually consists of  cartoon caricatures .  Nigo has plans to expand and dedicate more resources to his children’s line due to the fact that the streetwear market is becoming over saturated. I think that BAPE will do well with their children’s line considering the fact that the designs already uses cartoon characters, which I am sure will appeal to a younger audience.  With Nigo constantly thinking out of the box I can see BAPE progressively moving forward in Fashion.



BAPE Beijing


BAPE Beijing


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