Confessions of a Shopaholic Part 1

7 Jan

So every now and then I will give you a glimpse into my random rants….Don’t judge me…. I am only human.. LOL.. But today I took to the streets of  Manhattan for a little shop therapy… I had my mindset on TopShop… So I took the E train to Spring Street and walked up to Broadway towards TopShop. I passed H&M and I saw nothing but red….
Big red “for sale” signs lured me in.. Like a moth to a flame I was tantalized and with the other crazed women in the store I was scouring the racks for a deal. I don’t know about anybody else but I loveeeee a deal. There is no greater joy than getting something on sale, especially something expensive. Anyway I scurry rack from rack.. And I find nothing…. What I did find interesting was that the Soho H&M has a good quantity of Lanvin left including shoes. Every other H&M in the city was practically sold out in hours (I know because me and my homegirl Tricia was out there trying to snag something up). However the Soho H&M still has items left. Apparently the Lanvin line wasn’t such a hit in Soho…
So from H&M I head to TopShop and again big red “for sale” signs… I walk through the doors and like a hunter ready for the kill, I prepare myself. I have my mind-set on these leather hot pant shorts amongst other things. But as I look at the store and how it’s in disarray I automatically become annoyed. I hate going into a store and clothing is on the floor, tied up on the racks, and things are just all over the damn place… So I leave…. But I haven’t satisfied my craving because I haven’t bought a thing.. But this always happens to me.. When I have money to spend I never find anything I like… When I am broke I find everything I like in every color of the rainbow and in my size.. I digress…
So like a true shopaholic I turn to the one place I can always buy something I like…. MAC… I settle for  a lip glass and lipstick and took my tail home..
Moral to the story… Stay home and shop online you save time and train fare…


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