Endangered Species…

5 Jan

The face of African-American designers, in my opinion, is diminishing. There was only a handful of known, established African-American designers to begin with catering to a primarily urban market. Sean John had the sophistication and sex appeal that attracted to the masses however his flagship 5th avenue store closed due to poor sales. It makes you wonder if the “African-American” designers are going to be extinct.

Only a few designers have been able to captivate an audience and continue to keep a following of customers. Tracy Reese has been able to hold her own on sturdy ground and establish a name for herself that crosses black and white color lines. Kimoria Lee Simmion’s line KSL has also established itself among some of the best making a name that is worthy for recognition. It baffles me how African-Americans are one of the largest consumer groups yet we barley own anything that we purchase. Hmmm something to think about…

I am looking for the next big thing.. A designer who can compete on the level of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. It may sound ridiculous to some but there is good designers out there that exist. There is countless independent designers waiting for a big break to come their way but unfortunately have yet to be discovered. But to make it big in this world called fashion, you need to be relevant, fresh, and have a following. Also many African-American designers have failed at making themselves a “brand”. No matter how anyone feels about Kimoria Lee Simmons she is a Brand. Kimoria’s face represents her clothing. Kimoria has licensing deals such as perfume, accessories, and shoes. That is what makes a Designer successful!

I researched a few African-American designers I felt needed recognition…. And no it’s not House of Dereon (even though I love Beyoncé), nor is it Apple Bottoms (hmm no comment)..

The designers I felt needed recognition are:


Mychael Knight

Mychael Knight best known for being a contestant on Project Runway. Mychael is a Atlanta based Designer working his way up to stardom in the Fashion industry. Mychael has dressed everyone from Tarji Henson to Jennifer Hudson. Mychael is definitely someone to pay attention to in 2011.

Mychael Knight Desgins


Gavin Douglas

Gavin Douglas an international superstar who won the prestigious Fashion Fringe award 2006; highly acclaimed fashion designer Tom Ford stated that “Gavin Douglas demonstrated the will, the drive and a certain amount of charm, which doesn’t hurt.” Gavin work has been showcased in Paris Vogue and Elle magazine.

Gavin Douglas Desgins


Tennille White

Tennille White a Chicago born and raised designer has set a standard all on her own. Tennille created a collection plus-size woman showing you can be curvaceous and stylish at the same time. I am loving Tennille’s because there is very few designers who cater to a plus size market in such a dynamic way.

Tennille White Desgin


Keva Johnson

   Keva J is simply hot!!!! Never have you seen a bathing suit look so damn good. Keva is a true master at creating seducing silhouettes that adjourn the women body in a tantalizing way. Keva is a young woman on the rise to greatness!

Keva J Design

I am well aware there are many other designers that need to be showcased so I welcome everyone comments. Word of mouth can go so far in this world so let’s start pushing these designers to the forefront!

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