Leaders of The New School….

3 Jan

Everyone wants to be a fashion designer…. But very few people have a vision, a voice and versatility to make it big in the fashion game.  You have to respect anyone trying to blaze a path in a new direction and set a trend all their own. That is exactly what the Academy has done.  A group of friends inspired by their personal lifestyle, Hip Hop and the environment around them created a image that is all their own.

I sat down and interviewed June one of the members of the Academy for a closer look into these Leaders of the New School:

Okay Mr. Tee Shirt and Jeans let’s begin our interview….

(SimplyStudded) Academy… What does it represent? Where did the concept come from? 
(June) Academy represents a lifestyle. I don’t believe in high beings. But it’s a rich feeling from the way you think to how you move. The concept came from Kayne West College drop out to our personal lifestyle and influence of course from Crooks and Castle.

(SimplyStudded) Who is the Academy?
(June) Academy is basically the dudes I grew up with but 3 of us are more hands on with creating and developing the brand.

(SimplyStudded) You stated “Brand” do you consider yourself a Brand or an Image?  What is the difference to you? 
(June) I mean a brand is more like Ralph Lauren, but I would say we’re definitely an image. Cause at the end of the day what we’re putting together is what all these brands don’t do completely. I’ve been asked a million of times what’s that I have on and I’m into the plain stuff of most brands. So I would definitely say an image.

(SimplyStudded) What is your ideal customer? 
(June) I’m a business man so I hope my customer has money lol. But my ideal customer is the person that isn’t afraid in trying something new and not necessarily into the most expensive thing being the “best thing”.

(SimplyStudded) Describe your personal style in one word?
(June) Nonchalant

 (SimplyStudded) Who is killing the game as far as “Fashion”… 
(June) mhmm, it’s pretty open … But I’ll say Yeezy.

(SimplyStudded) What is your morning get ready jam (we all have one)… 
(June) It really varies cause I’m into music , but this morning I woke up and played Bootsie Collins – I rather be with you.

(SimplyStudded)  Where do you see Academy going in the next two years? 
(June) Academy will be around in the next  2 years. That will be enough time where it should be mentioned with the rest  if not then in 2 years Academy should have given the fellas and I a plateau  for something else or another venture.


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